Presentations & Reports

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Netadis Summer School 2014, Cortona, 6-20 July 2014

Researchers’ presentations: Caterina De Bacco; Gino Del Ferraro; Christoph Feinauer ; Alberto Guggiola; Pierre Paga;  Payal Tyagi; Araks Martirosyan
Senior members’ presentations: C.Conti_lesson1; C.Conti_lesson2; C.Conti_lesson_3; A Anfossi_EU Funding

Netadis Mid-Term Review, Paris, 23-24 January 2014

Researchers’ presentations: Alberto Guggiola Araks Martirosyan Ariel Haimovici Barbara Bravi Caterina De Bacco Christoph Feinauer Claudia Battistin Gino_Del_Ferraro Ludovica_B_Romano MTR_coordinators_presentation Payal Tyagi Pierre Paga Silvia Grigolon

Project officer’s presentation on Horizon 2020 and Marie Sktodowska Curie Actions: MSCA- H2020 REA

Netadis Summer School 2013, Hillerod, 8-22 September 2013

On line videos
Talks by: Jean-Philippe Bouchaud, CFM, Paris – Finance; John Hertz,  Niels Bohr Institute, Copenhagen – Neural Coding; Luca Leuzzi, Sapienza Università di Roma – Disordered systems, Statics; Rémi Monasson, ENS Paris – Graph Theeory; Rémi Munos, INRIA Lille / MSR-NE – Reinforcement Learning; Yasser Roudi, Norwegian University of Science and Technology – Disordered systems, Dynamics; Mark van Rossum, University of Edinburgh – Synaptic Plasticity; Pierpaolo Vivo, LPTMS – CNRS – Paris Sud – Random Matrices; Martin Weigt, Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris – Statistical modelling of sequences

Netadis Scientific Kick-off Meeting , Turin, 03 – 06 February 2013

Senior scientists’ presentations:
Exploiting co-evolution across protein families for predicting native contacts” by A. Pagnani
“Approximate inference for continuous time Markov” by M. Opper
Learning and inference in equilibrium and non-equilibrium Ising models” by Y. Roudi
Statistical Mechanics Approach to Risk in Networked Systemsby R. Kuehn
 “Minority Game, Part 1“; “Minority Game, Part 2” by M. Marsili
Some aspects of statistical mechanics of disordered systems: optimization by G. Semerjian
Networking and Optimal Transport” by S. Franz
“Statistical Mechanics of Random Lasers”  by L. Leuzzi
Researchers’ introductory presentations: Barbara Bravi; Silvia Grigolon; Ludovica BRomano; Christoph_Feinauer; Claudia Battistin; Araks Martirosyan; Pierre Paga; Alberto Guggiola; William Cliiford Brown; Gino Del Ferraro; Caterina De Bacco; Payal Tyagi