Rémi Monasson


Consultancy work: Statistical mechanics of disordered systems / inverse problems

Outreach: Phase transitions in computer science problems / biophysics

Personal Webpage

Key publications:

Adaptive cluster expansion for the inverse Ising problem: convergence, algorithm and tests S. Cocco, R. Monasson J. Stat. Phys. 147, 252 (2012)

On the trajectories and performance of Infotaxis, an information-based greedy search algorithm. C. Barbieri, S. Cocco, R. Monasson, Europhysics Letters 94, 20005 (2011)

Adaptive cluster expansion for inferring Boltzmann machines with noisy data. S. Cocco, R. Monasson, Physical Review Letters 106, 090601 (2011)

Fast Inference of Interactions in Assemblies of Stochastic Integrate-and-Fire Neurons from Spike Recordings R. Monasson, S. Cocco Journal of Computational Neuroscience 31, 199-227 (2011)

 Theory of spike timing-based neural classifiers. R. Rubin, R. Monasson, H. Sompolinsky, Physical Review Letters 105, 218102 (2010) (supplementary information)

Neuronal couplings between retinal ganglion cells inferred by efficient inverse statistical physics methods. S. Cocco, S. Leibler, R. Monasson Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 106, 14058 (2009) (supplementary information)

Small-correlation expansions for the inverse Ising problem. V. Sessak, R. Monasson, Journal of Physics A 42, 055001 (2009)

A review of the statistical mechanics approach to random optimization problems. F. Altarelli, R. Monasson, G. Semerjian, F. Zamponi Handbook of Satisfiability, edited by Armin Biere, Marijn Heule, Hans van Maaren, and Toby Walsh, IOS Press (2009)

Reconstructing a random potential from its random walks. S. Cocco, R. Monasson. Europhysics Letters 81, 20002 (2008)


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