Research areas

The scope of research and training within NETADIS can be understood in terms of a research matrix:


Each column of the matrix is a principal research theme, characterized by the spectrum of methods and tools it employs and develops and the type of problems it addresses; these themes are:

(i) optimization and control (of networks, network-evolution, and processes)

(ii) inference of interaction networks from data

(iii) the analysis of dynamical processes on networks of given structure, and of network evolution

The rows of the research matrix are the principal application domains:

(i) systems biology and neurobiology

(ii) information technology, computing and algorithms, and communication networks

(iii) finance and socio-economic systems

(iv) network phenomena in physical systems, specifically in laser physics

Each individual research project within NETADIS sits at the intersection of an application domain and one or more research themes.

ESRs training will take place at one host institution with secondments to other institutions or private sector partners.

Researchers will also be studying towards a PHD during their appointment as Marie Curie  Research Fellows.


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