Registration is now closed for the 2015 conference on “Statistical Physics Approaches to Networks Across Disciplines”. The meeting was held Tuesday 20 – Friday 23 October 2015 in Devonport House, London. Topics included optimization and control in networks; inference in networks; dynamical processes on networks and network evolution, and application areas including systems biology and neurobiology; information technology and communication networks; finance and socio-economic systems; and network phenomena in photonic systems.


Claudia Battistin, Kavli Institute, Trondheim: “Inference in kinetic Ising models with hidden nodes: a message passing algorithm”

Jean-Philippe Bouchaud, Chairman, Capital Fund Management & Ecole Polytechnique: “Understanding economic crises with agent-based models and numerical simulations”

Alfredo Braunstein, Politecnico di Torino: “Bayesian inference on epidemics onnetworks”

Barbara Bravi, King’s College London: “Path integral approaches to subnetworks description and inference”

Nicolas Brunel, University of Chicago: “Inferring learning rules in cortical circuits”

Luca Cardelli, Microsoft Research: “Noise Reduction in Complex Biological Switches”

Ryan Cubero, Abdus Salam ICTP, Trieste: “Network Approaches Towards Understanding miRNA-Mediated Cardiomyocyte Proliferation”

Caterina De Bacco, Université Paris-Sud, Orsay: “Routing optimization on networks: a statistical physics approach”

Gino Del Ferraro, KTH Stockholm: “Dynamic cavity method for spin models on sparse graph of arbitrary connectivity symmetry”

Christoph Feinauer, Politecnico di Torino:
“The Inverse Statistical Mechanics Approach to Protein Sequence Data: Beyond Contact Prediction”

Silvia Grigolon, Université Paris-Sud, Orsay: “Modelling and inference for biological systems: from auxin dynamics in plants to protein evolution”

Alberto Guggiola, LPT-ENS: “Extreme events on networks: rare random walks and spreading maximization”

Ralf Herbrich, Machine Learning, Amazon: “Machine Learning at Amazon”

Rutger Hermsen, Utrecht University: “Stochastic models of evolution driven by Spatial Heterogeneity”

Yoshiyuki Kabashima, Tokyo Institute of Technology: “Anderson localization and random lasing in a Euclidean random matrix model”

Michael Lässig, University of Cologne: “Influenza evolution as a non-equilibrium inference problem”

Fabrizio Lillo, Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa:   “Statistical network models for systemic risk_ Lillo”

Araks Martirosyan, “La Sapienza” Universita di Roma: “Probing the Limits to MicroRNA-Mediated Control of Gene Expression”

Pierre Paga, King’s College London: “Evaluating Credit Risk on Networks

Claus Puhr, Head of Stress Testing and Strategy, Oesterreichische Nationalbank: “The banking system as network – a supervisor’s perspective”

Ludovica Romano, TUB, Berlin: “Inference in kinetic Ising models: Bayes estimators and learning curves”

David Saad, Aston University: “Route optimisation, congestion and selfish decisions”

Sergey Skipetrov, Grenoble, LPMMC – CNRS: “Anderson localization and random lasing in a Euclidean random matrix model”

Payal Tyagi, “La Sapienza” Universita di Roma: “Inference of coupling of waves in non-linear disordered medium”

Erik van Nimwegen, University of Basel: “Inferring the structure, function, and evolution of gene regulatory networks”

Fernando Vega-Redondo, Università Bocconi, Milano & IGIER: “Production Networks”