Luca Dall’Asta

Consultancy work & Outreach:

Statistical mechanics of disordered systems, message-passing algorithms, and stochastic methods.

“My research in focused on several problems defined on networks and arising in different disciplines, in particular in economics and computer science. For instance, I am interested in the study of game theoretic problems and strategic behaviors in socio-economic and information networks  (wireless networks, peer-to-peer communities, financial markets). In the modeling of the dynamical processes taking place on networks (from virus spreading to consensus formation and information diffusion). In the inference of unknown network properties from data. Development of efficient algorithms to solve optimization problems under uncertainty and attack the problem of the optimization and control of dynamical processes on networks”. 

Personal webpage

Key publications

Dall’Asta L., Alvarez-Hamelin I., Barrat A., Vazquez A., Vespignani A. Exploring networks with traceroute-like probes: theory and simulations. Theoretical Computer Science, 355(1), 6-24 (2006).

Dall’Asta L., Alvarez-Hamelin I., Barrat A., Vazquez A., Vespignani A. Statistical theory of Internet exploration. Phys. Rev. E., 71, 036135 (2006).

Dall’Asta L., Ramezanpour A., Zecchina R. Entropy landscape and non-Gibbs solutions in constraint satisfaction problems. Phys. Rev. E., 77 031118 (2008).

De Martino D., Dall’Asta L., Bianconi G., Marsili M., A minimal model for congestion phenomena on complex networks. JSTAT P09023 (2009).

Dall’Asta L., Pin P., Ramezanpour A. Statistical mechanics of maximal independent sets. Phys. Rev. E, 90 061136 (2009). 

Bradde S., Caccioli F., Dall’Asta L., Bianconi G., Critical fluctuations in Spatial Complex Networks, Phys. Rev. Lett. 104, 218701 (2010).

Dall’Asta L., Marsili M., Pin P. Collaboration in social networks. PNAS 109 (12), 4395-4400 (2012).

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