Past events


27 April
Netadis First Kick-Off meeting
Netadis kick-off meeting took place at the King’s College, London on Friday 27th of April. This meeting involved Netadis Principal Investigators  as well as representatives from private associate partners.

May 2012
Final stages of Netadis Recruitment
All the partner institutions finished recruiting and most researchers (called Early Stage Researchers or ESRs) start their position in September 2012.

10-28 September
Statistical Inference: Models in Physics and Learning, Max-Planck-Institute for Physics of Complex Systems
Dresden, Germany
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30-31 October
Second Conference of the European Central Bank Macro-prudential Research (MaRs) Network, Frankfurt am Main
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26 November – 7 December
Winter School on Quantitative Systems Biology, Trieste, Italy
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3-8 December
Neural Information Processing Systems Foundation (NIPS) Conferences
Lake Tahoe, Nevada, United States
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3-6 February
Netadis first scientific meeting, Torino, Italy

4-15 March
Stochastic Thermodynamics, NORDITA Program, Sweden

8 – 13 April
Joint CRM-Imperial College School and Workshop in Complex Systems, Barcelona, Spain

16-29 June
Summer School “Fundamental Problems in  Statistical Physics XIII”, Leuven, Belgium

25-26 June
Dynamics of biological networks workshop, Informatics Forum, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, UK

22-26 July
International Meeting on ”Inference, Computation, and Spin Glasses” (ICSG2013)
A satellite meeting of STATPHYS 25, Seoul, Korea

8-20 August
Short course on large deviations, Kamiar Rahnama Rad, Dept of Statistics, Columbia University, NTNU, Trondheim

8-22 September
NETADIS first Summer School,  Hillerød, Denmark
Summer School 2013_ Programme

30 September – 11 October
Autumn school on “Statistical physics, Optimization,  Inference and Message-Passing algorithms” , Les Houches, France

08 October- 31 October
Collective Dynamics in Information Systems
Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics China at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China


26 March – 28 March
The 5th Nordic Workshop on Statistical Physics: Biological, Complex and Non-Equilibrium Systems, Nordita, Stockholm

30 March – 04 April
“Stochastic dynamics of growth processes in biological and social systems”, Annual conference of the German Physical Society in Dresden –

08-10 April 2014
MECO 39, Conference of the Middle European Cooperation in Statistical Physics, Coventry

12 to 16 May
Workshop for young researchers on computational methods, Rome

11 – 13 June
Modelling and inference for dynamics in complex and disordered system
A NETADIS-NORDITA meeting in honor of John Hertz’ 70th birthday

23 June -27 June 2014
Workshop on the Economy of a Cell: Resource Allocation, Trade-Offs and Efficiency in Living Systems,, ICTP Trieste

06-20 July
Netadis Summer School 2014, Cortona. This year, the Summer School will be a retreat encouraging ESRs and Netadis academics to work together. The Summer School is therefore not opened to outside participants.

13 – 16 August
The Eighth q-bio Conference
St. John’s College, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

26 August – 04 September
Spin glasses: An old tool for new problems, Cargese

15 September -19 September
Advanced Workshop on Interdisciplinary Views on Chromosome Structure and Function, ICTP, Trieste

22-24 September
Strolling on Chaos, Turbulence and Statistical Mechanics, Rome

8 October – 31 October
“Collective Dynamics in Information Systems” to be held at the Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics China (KITPC), Institute of Theoretical Physics(ITP), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), Beijing

07 November
Paris Biological Physics Community Day 2014

1-12 December
Winter School in Quantitative SYstems Biology in ICTP, Trieste


2 -6 February
Bardonecchia , Italy. Conference on Regulation and Inference in Biological Networks with a emphasis on the computational and information-theoretic aspects of network biology (Netadis).

23 February – 4 March
Havana Winter School on Statistical Physics Approaches to Systems Biology, Havana, Cuba

22-25 March
The XIV International Workshop on Complex Systems,  Trento, Italy

25-31 May 2015
Physics and Social Networks Dynamics of the Markets, Nordita, Stockholm
8-9 June, 2015
Symposium on “Solving protein folding problem by Direct Coupling Analysis and Next-Generation Sequencing”, Stockholm, Sweden

23 – 30 June 2015
NETADIS Workshop on Featureless inference
Runde, Norway (

05 -19 July 2015
Netadis Summer School 2015, Bovec, Slovenia
14-16 September 2015
Econophysics Colloquium, Prague, Czech Republic

14-16 September 2015
Econophysics Colloquium, Prague, Czech Republic
21 September – 16 October 2015
Stochastic Thermodynamics in Biology

20 – 23 October 2015
Netadis Conference – Statistical Physics Approaches to Networks Across Disciplines 2015
Devonport House, Greenwich, London. For full details & programme, see

23  October 2015
Paris Biological Physics Community Day 2015, 9h30 – 18h00
College des Irlandais – Salle Michel Guillaume – 5 rue des Irlandais 75005 Paris

9-13 November 2015
“Communicating current research to various audiences”
Training course to improve scientists’ personal skills to communicate
the value and the results of current research, Adriatico Guesthouse, ICTP (Trieste)

11- 12 December 2015
NIPS Conference 2015, Palais des Congrès de Montréal, Montréal CANADA: NIPS Post-Conference Workshops:


5-19 February 2016
“Communicating current research to various audiences”
Training course to improve scientists’ personal skills to communicate
the value and the results of current research, Adriatico Guesthouse, ICTP (Trieste)

Repeat of the 9-15 November 2015 course at ICTP


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